Car Park Management in Design

car park managementI’ve been thinking recently about how I’d use my design skills to promote some off the wall topics and then I thought what I could start with writing about this and then turn it into an infographic. So here’s the article I’ve written from the perspective of a car park management (info source credit) company.

Do you own a car park and would like to boost the security
and facilities? In case you do, then you are in the right place. This is
because we offer the best car park management services that will deter any
unauthorised parking. Secondly, we will also install the ANPR cameras in the
park to enhance the security system. Besides this, we will always ensure that
the park is clean and with the aid of our traffic wardens, there will be easy
in and out movement of vehicles.

Why Us?

We have been rated as the most professional and reliable
company when it comes to offering the car park management services. Our
services are always unique and professional; hence the ideal company to work
with. Here are some of the reasons why we continue to lead on the market.

Enhanced Security

In order to make your car park safe to attract more clients,
we will have to fit the ANPR cameras to boost the security. We will install the
cameras at strategic points to provide excellent coverage for all the cars
getting in and leaving the park. Through this, we will reduce the chances of
car theft and insecurity in the park.

Experienced Traffic Wardens

Due to the high number of cars in the park, we will provide
you with professional traffic wardens to ease the movement of the cars within
the park. With this, the car owners will find it easier to move in and get
their cars out of the park without hitting on other cars. The traffic wardens
will also offer additional security to the cars, which reduce the chances of
car theft.

Park Maintenance

A classic car park needs to be tidy at all times. With the
aid of our professional experts, we will ensure that your park is always clean
and safe. We pick up all the litter within the park to leave it clean. Apart
from cleaning the park, we will also maintain the damaged roadways. This will
make it easier for all car owners to drive in and out of the park.

Excellent Park Enforcement

Lastly, we will also carry out the required park
enforcement. We offer different enforcement services like the warden ticketing,
ANPR ticketing, and self-ticketing. Depending on the type of ticketing that
will suit your park; we will provide it to ease the payment of parking fee.

These are just some of the myriad reasons why you need to
get in touch with us today. We are very reliable and professional in our
service by delivering beyond customer expectations. Why miss such amazing
service that will make your park to attract more clients? Give us a call today
and you will experience a lot of changes in your park.

So now I have my text I need to start thinking about the graphics that will go into it. That will come soon guys!